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PellerMax foul release system has been developed to protect the underwater running gear of vessels. Typically the metal struts, shafts, propellers and rudders to reduce bio fouling and maintain vessel performance.


Clean all surfaces to be coated by water blasting, scraping and grinding off any previous coatings or biofouling. Ensure all surfaces have a 80 grit scratch pattern. It is essential to treat the bronze surfaces with PellerMax Mp before applying the epoxy etch primer. PellerMax Mp is sold ready to use – please read instructions carefully. Thoroughly wet all surfaces using a clean lint free rag soaked with PellerMax MP. Leave for 5 minutes ensuring the surfaces don’t dry, rinse with water and wipe dry using clean lint free cloths. When dry, solvent wipe with a clean cloth using either IPA or Acetone. We recommend to solvent wipe three times to ensure the surface is thoroughly clean. PellerMax Mp contains diluted phosphoric acid we recommend that personal protection equipment be used.


Once metal surfaces are clean and dry, take a can of PellerMax Eb (etch base) and mix thoroughly until homogenous, using the special paddle provided, taking care to scrape the sides of the tin several times while mixing. Take a bottle of PellerMax Ea (etch activator) and add slowly to the PellerMax Eb, mix thoroughly and then slowly add a second bottle of PellerMax Ea and mix thoroughly, again scrape the sides of the tin while mixing. Once mixed PellerMax etch primer is ready to use. Apply by brush or airless spray one even coat and leave to dry for a minimum of 3 hours. PellerMax etch primer is a translucent brownish liquid and care must be taken when applying to ensure that there are no uncoated areas. PellerMax etch primer contains zinc chromate and solvents, we recommend that protective equipment is worn when applying. We recommend to use a good quality brush and ensure that a thin even coat is applied. It is not recommended to apply a thick coat.


Once the etch primer has cured (3 hours) take the can of PellerMax Ca (clear coat resin) and shake before mixing thoroughly until it is fully homogenous, use one of the paddles provided and take care to scrape the sides of the tin several times while mixing. Shake a bottle of PellerMax Cb (clear coat binder) and add and mix again using the same paddle until fully homogenous. Shake and then add a bottle of PellerMax Cc (clear coat catalyst) and mix again using the same paddle until fully homogenous, again taking care to scrape the sides of the tin while mixing. When mixed the topcoat has a pot life of one to two hours, so we recommend not to mix until you are ready to apply. Application is by brush, apply one even coat over the entire primed surfaces, taking care to brush out any sags or runs that may occur. Take steps to shield the wet coating from dust and rain for 1 – 2 hours or until touch dry. The vessel can be launched after 24 hours. PellerMax clear coat contains solvent so personal protection equipment should be used.

For best results we recommend using good quality brushes to get a good even coverage.

*PellerMax is not suitable for marine farm use.